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Reality Kings – Let’s start with my RealityKings.Com review

This is my Reality Kings blog, I started it with a review of the realitykings.com , once you read it, scroll down for updates, free videos and photos.


This review was posted on the 19th of March, 2012 – I made it a sticky so it stays on top, scroll down for content updates.

RealityKings.Com is one of the most known brands in online porn, and it is like that for a good reason. This is one of the first reality porn networks and it is also one of the best. If I remember it correctly, this is the second reality porn network that was created in 2005 or 2006, the first was BangBros with their worlds famous Bang Bus. Anyways, back to Reality Kings again :) I picked this network to feature at BestPornUpdates.com as it is one of the best deals available and if you join after clicking a link on this site, you will get a further discount that they offer to visitors coming from review sites.

Reality Kings network consists of 36 sites, I will not list them all here but let me mention the most known ones, I will also create separate pages for them here and then link them. So, the most known are : Cum Fiesta, Money Talks, MILF Hutner, MIkes Apartment, In The VIP, 8 Street Latinas, Big Naturals, Mike In Brazil, Captain Stabbin, CFNM Secret, Its Real, 40 Inch Plus, Hot Bush, Round And Brown and maybe Happy Tugs too. They recently added a bunch of niche sites into the mix, but they are not so good as the original ones. I dont care much about the new ones either, as their classic sites offer so much quality porn already.

As you can see in the above list, the Reality Kings network covers a wide area of genres, but its focus is on the general reality porn approach, so all scenes try to look like it could all happen in real life, I am sure you know the setup. The big positive of this network is that they do not rely heavily on the top 20 pornstars but they regularly look for new talent and bring fresh new models to star in their movies. This sets the network quite a lot from some others where you see the same faces over and over again. I am not telling RK would not containt the top stars at all, they are just not the dominant part of the cast.

RK Network contains a massive amount of content, there are more than 6000 models starring in their videos and the total amount of scenes that are available for download is higher than 7000. Keep in mind this is all exclusive content produced for their sites, not some DVD rips that you can find on every other site. The quality is awesome with the new movies, and not so awesome with the old ones … like on any site running for several years. The new movies come in Full HD quality, so there really isnt much to complain about. Of course there are photos available for every scene too.

Joining Reality Kings is a decision that is really easy to make, especially when you can get a special discount from me :) Just click on the link below and you will automatically pay $17.95 per month instead of the regular $24.95. They give this discount to review site visitors as they obviously know what site they are joining after reading the review and are more likely to stay members for long, makes sense, right? :)

Reality Kings

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Gemini Lovell and her chocolate butt on RK.Com

There is one thing typical for Reality Kings sites – in the past, they were pretty much a pornstar site, shooting scenes with the top stars, then they started to specialize in finding hot new comers and gals that were unknown to the masses. That is why you will find hundreds of models with just one scene in the members section.

Gemini Lovell

This has it’s positives and negatives. The good part is that they will supply it’s members with a fresh stream of new pornstars all the time. The negative in my opinion is, that once you really like certain of their models, it might be impossible to find more scenes with her. Whether you want variety and new models or more vides from the same gal … well that’s up to yo to decide.

Gemini Lovell is one of these porn newcomers, she is a chocolate ebony gal with big fake boobs and a big round butt made for loving. There is only this one scene with her in the RealityKings.Com members area, but it’s certainly worth it. This black slut enjoys a big white dick and sucks it with great pleasure. And when the dude starts fucking her, she feels like in heaven.

If you want to see more ebony stars to get fucked, mostly by white dudes, then make sure to check out Reality Kings, they have a whole site dedicated to “Round and Brown” models. The RK bonus network adds thousands more scenes with gals of all races. It’s one of the best deals around for sure.

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CFNM porn at RK.Com with two hot stars

One of the less typical porn genres that are featured at RealityKings.Com is the so called CFNM – Clothed Female Naked Man. I am not a huge fan of this niche, after all I watch porn to see naked females, but why not bring a bit of variety into our lives, right? So lets take a look at two hot females getting fucked with their clothes still on.

Tanya Tate
The stars of this scene are the hot blode Tanya Tate and the dark haired busty MILF Veronica Avluv. Both working as stewardess on the same flight, they found 2 late passengers in the plane and guess what, one of them was pretty touchy so they had to take matters in their own hands. This is simply another well scripted scene in the Reality Kings style :)

As usually with any CFNM porn scene, the gals play a bit dominant role and the guys are somewhat punished. Even thou I don’t see much punishment in fucking a hot gal…  well, they can punish me any time of the day. Reality Kings guys have one whole site dedicated to this niche, so in case its of any interest to you, they have plenty of videos prepared just for your enjoyment.

Both Veronica Avluv and Tanya Tate have more fuck scenes in the members section of RK.Com, so make sure you check them all. And of course there is ton more models and hot videos. You should read the review I wrote about the site if yuo haven’t done so yet, the link is in the top menu. Enjoy.

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Natasha Nice returns to Reality Kings

This gal used to be a pretty popular models at RealityKings, but the she stopped shooting for them from some reason. Now, three years later, she is back in full force in a hot new scene. Natasha Nice is known for her big natural tits, so the scene went to the BigNaturals.Com members section of course.

Miss Nice looks a bit older now, but I would say she matured really well and her tits are still spectacular so to speak. What is new in the last scene, is the huge black cock she is sucking and riding. As far as I know, this is her first interracial scene she did for Reality Kings crew and it turned out really well.

Matasha Nice wears sexy fishned black outfit that barely covers her big natural tits, but of course it goes down pretty soon. Once you see her big boobs you will understand what made her such a popular star in porn. She gets her pussy covered with cum at the end, do not miss it :)

Besides this IR fuck scene, you can enjoy about a dozen more videos featuring Natasha Nice in the members area of RealityKings.Com. All of the scenes are hardcore in nature, Natasha loves to get fucked any time of the day. And of course, once you are fed up with her, there are thousands more hot models waiting for you.

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MILF Melanie Monroe by RealityKings.Com

This blonde mom appears at Reality Kings for the third time already, ready to show her big boobs, massive round butt and sucks some cock or get fucked. Just like in the past, she’s the next victim of the MILF hunter, who is on an constant look for hot mature pussy to fuck and lick.

Melanie Monroe
>Melanie is a total package so to speak, especially when you like your girls curvy, with massive tits and well shaped round butts with enough meat to grab. She is just like that, a true fuck machine that will make your day a better one instantly. She fits the RealityKings.Com lineup of hot fucksluts for sure.

The best scene with Melanie from RK.Com is the one where she wears that purple see through dress, it barely covers her awesome butt and it looks really sexy. The scene has good ending too, her perfect tits get creamed with sticky cum from the dude is fucking her.

In case you liked to watch this mature blonde ride the cock, you will love the members section of Reality Kings as they have several MILF sites in the lineup. Read the review on the home page of this blog and you will see it really is worth the money.

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Jessie Rogers shows her dream ass at RK.Com

The guys at Reality Kings are pretty much experts at finding the hottest ass around, they produces several sites devoted to the beauty of the female bottoms, focusing on bigger butts so to speak. They want it big and round, so there is enough meat to grab and that it bounces nicely when fucked.

Jessie Rogers
So on their never ending hunt for the most perfect butt, the awesome Jessie Rogers ended in their nets. This blonde has only 2 scenes in the members area of RealityKings.Com but both of them are really worth it. Especially the scene where she wears her sexy red dress, her big butt looks simply epic in it.

The way she presents that awesome piece of her body is simply mind-blowing, I know I couldn’t hold my hand off it no matter what the consequences would be. Of course she won’t just tease you with it and she’d get fucked by her partner pretty soon. Unfortunately the scene misses anal, but well, we can’t have everything. I hope the RK guys will hire her again in the future.

So what do you think, is she the butt babe of the decade or not? To me, she is certainly one of the best butts at RealityKings and there is a huge competition for sure. Read my review of the site please and if you like it, join the site. Enjoy.

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Lisa Daniels licking pussy on RK.Com

This hot latina is one of my all time favorite lesbian pornstars, sadly, she doesn’t seem to be shooting porn that much anymore. I think she is still active, but there is a shortage on her scenes lately. Lisa A Daniels used to shoot classic straight sex scenes too, but she prefers lesbian action a lot and Reality Kings only offers these to the members.

Lisa Daniels
There are 40 scenes with Lisa inside of the RealityKings.Com membes section and as far as I can tell, all of them are lesbian. I always had a thing for lesbians, so this is all fine with me. Especially when there are hot babes as Miss Daniels, her tits are all I need to feel like in heaven to be honest.

This latina has an awesome body and one of the best boob jobs I have ever seen in my life, she should be giving out the number of her surgeon to all flat chested babes out there. Another thing I like about this pornstar is her passion for sex, it’s a whole lot different experience to watch a horny gal who is into licking pussy than some dull pornstar who only does this for money.

In case you liked the photos I prepared for you, make sure you visit Reality Kings for more, there is plenty of scenes with Lisa Daniels, more than on majority of other sites. And its in high quality too. I am sure you will like it a lot.

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Lesbian Reality Kings superstar Sammie Rhodes

Sammie Rhodes is something like an in-house superstar of Reality Kings, she is one of the most active models of their lineup. Those who are looking specifically for this model don’t need to look any further actually, as they have almost 180 scenes with this super horny blonde, and this number will grow for sure.

Sammie Rhodes
Sammie is a lesbian by heart, you can see that she really loves to lick the beaver in the scenes, she shows a lot of passion for the female body. And thanks to her job at RealityKings, she gets to lick more pussy than any average dyke out there. That’s what I call a dream job.

Looking at the update schedule in the members area of RealityKings.Com, they added a new scene with Sammie Rhodes just a week before I was writing this text, and as you can guess, she fucked some other hot blonde with a strapon and licked both her holes. So another standard day for this horny lesbian :)

Sammie is shooting for Rk.com for 7 years in a row already and based on her huge popularity among the members, I doubt they would let her go anytime soon. So we can pretty much count on seeing many more scenes with this blondie in the future. Simply said, if you are a fan of Sammie, you should definitely join Reality Kings without a doubt.

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RK.Com brings you the anal queen Phoenix Marie

This gal is another must-have for any good porn site, so obviously, RealityKings.Com can’t miss her. Phoenix Marie is one pretty kinky slut who loves to use her anal hole a lot and I kinda admire her for it. She gives the anal porn some kind of class so to speak. On top of that, she has one perfect piece of butt so why not use it to her advantage?

Phoenix Marie
Any scene with Phoenix I have seen lately, had some kind of anal play included. If it wasn’t straight fucking, she at least got her sexy ass licked or fingered. Don’t know if she really loves to get her anus fucked or whether she just rides the fashion wave … seems like no scene is complete without some buttfucking these days.

Reality kings Network offers 15 or so scenes with Phoenix Marie, good part of them is shot in some VIP clubs, the rest is standard porn, straight or lesbian. And of course, she gets her anal trained in majority of the scenes. Last scene with her was added like a year ago so I’d say it would be time to add something more with Phoenix by now.

Once you are done with Phoenix, try to check out the other hot sluts of RealityKings, there is plenty of them in the members section, many reaching the quality of miss Phoenix. If you haven’t done so, go to the top of this blog and read my review of RK.Com please. Thanks.

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Awesome Amy Reid at RealityKings.Com

Those of you who love natural big tits should pay close attention now, let me introduce the one and only Amy Reid. This pornstar has probably the most perfectly shaped boobs I have ever seen. They are just about right size-wise and their shape is simply perfect. I know it all comes down to personal preferences, but she has a perfect pair without a doubt.

Amy Reid
Reality Kings has 5 scenes with this amazing babe, there is a masturbation scene, classic straight hardcore as well as some lesbian action. Amy does it all, she doesn’t care who her sexual partner is, be it a girl or guy, she loves them both. The small problem is that all the scenes are pretty old and there is nothing new from Amy on the site Ried.

Amy is quite a popular girl, so there are many other sites with her photos, not just Reality Kings. You might want to check out my Twistys blog too, they have a lot of her stuff as well. Its not as hardcore as here on RK.Com but if you like to watch beautifull babe playing with themselves or posing, it should be the right site for you.


Ok, I am sure you liked the photos I’ve put up for you, so how about getting some more and start downloading videos too? Check out Reality Kings Network and browse their massive archive of gorgeous babes getting fucked in all ways imaginable.

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Gianna Michaels returns to Reality Kings

If you are watching porn for some time, I am sure you know this awesome naturally busty babe Gianna Michaels. She has one of the best all natural racks you can lay your eyes on in porn, but she kinda stopped shooting porn in 2009 or so. And guess what, today I found a scene with her on Reality Kings.

Gianna Michaels
To cool you down a bit, she is not fucking in this scene… yes I know it sucks :) But, she is back in the game now and who knows what happens next. So what is the Rk.Com scene about actually? She took the role of the “reporter” at Money Talks and tries to talk strangers into all kinds of silly things for some money. This includes fucking of course.

Even thou there are no new scenes with Miss Michaels, you can enjoy almost 20 hardcore scenes that she shot for The Reality Kings crew in the past. There are both hardcore and lesbian scenes in the mix, she really wasn’t too picky about what to suck, be it a clit or some hard cock.

I really like to go back like this sometimes and download a bunch of older porn scenes with my once-favorites. Its good that RealityKings.Com stores these older videos too and offers them for download in very good quality. Check it out and grab some too. See ya.

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